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Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Wily Wares (D&D 5e)

Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Wily Wares (D&D 5e)

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With so much gloom about and April Fools day coming up, we're encouraging GMs everywhere to liven up their games with Zlick Willy’s Wily Wares! Get some laughs out of the table and kick a session into light-hearted mode with Zlick’s message cushion (imagine everybody’s faces when the wizard sits down and their chair seems to say, “Get off me you tub of lard!”) or grab the door-free dunk bucket to dump water on a dour companion—no doorway required! Peruse this catalog for 8 more magical japes, pranks, and laugh riots, and remember: it’s always a whopper with Zlick Willy’s wily wares!

Amusingly designed by Andrew Engelbrite with illustration by Ellis Goodson.

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