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Enchanted Trinkets: The Temple's Wares (D&D 5e)

Enchanted Trinkets: The Temple's Wares (D&D 5e)

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There's a good chance your gaming world has at least a few churches, shrines, or temples, and when the adventurers visit these holy places after completing a quest of paramount importance or fulfilling a divine prophecy—or if they've got a bit of coin in their pockets—some less sacred relics might be waiting for them. Maybe the party's bard is keen to a book of forgotten songs, the thief eager to get their mitts on a hidden glove or luck ruled dice, or a fearful fighter in need of the courage offered by valorous ashes. Whatever the case, turn to this cache of 15 religious-themed enchanted trinkets and give the PCs a bit of glory.

Devoutly designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Phil Stone.

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