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Enchanted Trinkets: Something for Everyone (D&D 5e)

Enchanted Trinkets: Something for Everyone (D&D 5e)

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Magic items for your 5th edition game.

The Enchanted Trinkets series continues! These are reasonably priced magic items with minor, flavorful impacts that make them fun to have around but not unbalancing for GMs to hand out  as rewards, only really making a difference when an adventurer breaks their enchanted trinket for a more profound impact.

This PDF details class-specific enchanted trinkets in the same vein as A Present for Every Class (which had an issue for Warriors and Spellcasters), making sure there's something for everyone whether that's the barbarian's victory cord, bard's miraculous ring, cleric's devoted diadem, druid's leafy greaves, fighter's splendid sheathe, mage's magnificent cape, monk's combat bracers, paladin's minor relic, ranger's sacred locket, rogue's brass knuckles, sorcerer's exceptional boots, warlock's glittering gemstone, warrior's battle belt, or wizard's remarkable gloves!

Written by Mike Myler; illustrated by Indi Martin.

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