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Emergency: Divert All Power! (WOIN)

Emergency: Divert All Power! (WOIN)

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"Divert power to the engines and get us out of here!" - a command many have heard uttered on their favourite sci-fi TV show. These advanced rules for WOIN starship combat allow vessels to divert power to Engines, Shields, Weapons, or Point Defences, or to access emergency Auxiliary Power when in dire straits. Next time somebody tells you that the rear shields are down to 30%, you know what to do!

Note that there is a reference to Combat Phases, which is a short new rule found in the upcoming errated edition of [WOIN] Space. For convenience, here's what that rule says (in advance):


Normally, ships roll INITIATIVE, move their speed and take actions in a single round, and then the process begins again. For a more dynamic space battle, this can be divided into three phases, with movement and actions distributed equally across those three phases. For example, a ship moving at SPEED 9 with 6 actions would move 3 and take 2 actions in each phase. Where the number of phases cannot be equally divided by 3, increase the middle (second) phase appropriately (so SPEED 10 would be 3/4/3). Vessels roll INITIATIVE once per round, still, and maintain that INITIATIVE order for each of the three phases. Doing it this way slows combat down a little (so is best done with fewer ships) but it does make for a more realistic, tactical battle.

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