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Dangerous Scenarios: Fool's Gold (D&D 5e)

Dangerous Scenarios: Fool's Gold (D&D 5e)

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Prepare for a harrowing night—and journey—within the Briny Lass, a moored ship that's been turned into an inn and tavern. Unfortunately for the adventurers the evening they visit someone has poisoned the brews, bandits have taken the place over, and by the time they wake up they are already at sea! The would-be pirate Joran Harrow and his ragtag crew of criminals are hard at work searching for a treasure rumored to be aboard but their entire endeavor has been fraying from the start, and with the right people kicking up a fuss those kidnapped the night before might yet make it back to shore in one piece before running afoul of the rocky waters around the Shark's Teeth Islands!

Dastardly designed by Christopher Rippee, gorgeously illustrated by Indi Martin, and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos

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