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Can We Keep It? Pets for your D&D 5E Game

Can We Keep It? Pets for your D&D 5E Game

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Do you have a party of players who want to befriend every critter and monster they come across? Then this collection is for you!

This 5E supplement includes:

  • Rules to allow player characters of all classes to adopt nearly 50 different pets from weasels to warhorses, and from frogs to giant crabs.
  • 5 new tameable pets from the Elemental Planes--the bubble puppy, dust bunny, lightning sparrow, mud cat, and root.
  • Yes, we said bubble puppy.
  • New mechanics to help manage pets, including morale and maintenance.
  • Motivated encounters to spice up random encounters with creatures
  • A mini-adventure featuring the eccentric Lady Philomina—who keeps rust monsters as pets!
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