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Archetype Anthology

Archetype Anthology

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An all-new 28-page softcover booklet of archetypes for your 5th Edition characters! In this compilation you'll find 14 (OK, we said a dozen but we're overly generous!) new archetypes for druids, rangers, warlocks, and more, including the dual-wielding Tempest ranger, warlock patrons like the Sea Lord or the Seducer, planar explorers, and fierce pugilists!

And that's not all -- there's also 3 new feats (such as Iaijutsu Master), 3 new fighting styles (such as Bladesong), 11 new spells, and 6 new warlock invocations! 

  • Circles of Power. There are many types of druid in fiction and film with widely differing specializations. This collection explores three new Druid Circles to help bring variety to your game table. Explore the Circle of Birds and Beasts, the Circle of the Elements, and the Circle of Life. By Mark Kernow, and illustrated by Deanna Roberds.
  •  Masters of the Wild. Two new ranger archetypes—the dual-wielding Tempest and the sinister Nightstalker—along with new feats, new fighting styles, and new spells. Your ranger will never be the same again! By Thiago Rosa; illustrated by Nick Cramp.
  •  Friends Close, Enemies Closer. Josh Gentry asks you to sell your soul! Three new warlock patrons include The Sea Lord, The Seducer, and The Trickster, along with six new Invocations. These three patrons represent such legendary beings as Davy Jones, the Leviathan, Dracula, Pan, Loki, or even Rumpelstiltskin. Illustrated by Egil Thompson.
  •  Explorers of the Multiverse. Meet the Planar Explorer and the Way of Infinite Worlds, two brand new archetypes for adventurers who seek to cross the boundaries between worlds. Whether your preferred destination is the Inner or Outer Planes, a lesser-known demiplane, or somewhere even more unusual, these character options are perfect for those who want just little more than the Prime Material can offer. By Anthony Jennings; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  •  Speaking With Fists. It's not only monks who fight with their fists - these subclasses for the barbarian, fighter, rogue (and, yes, one for the monk) bring out the pugilist in a variety of classes! The barbarian's fists are as strong as tempered steel with the Path of the Lodestar; the fighter masters the art of the heavyweight boxer as the Pugilist; the monk combines arcane magic and unarmed combat in the Way of the Arcane Fist; and the rogue moves at blinding speed as the Speedster. With new weapon properties, the new Fisticuffs fighting style, and two new spells, designer Josh Gentry will have your characters brawling in the taverns! Illustrated by Jacob Blackmon.
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