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Adventure: Burning Bitterpeak (D&D 5e)

Adventure: Burning Bitterpeak (D&D 5e)

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A panicked child bursts down onto the path with a pair of modestly dressed adults chasing after saying, “there you are Audrey, we was looking for ya’, come on home with your Ma’ and Pa’ now.” Their words sound hollow, coming out of their mouths stilted and as though arranged by someone unfamiliar with language. The little girl backs away while uttering, "it ain't them—they’re just wearing skins,” and as she speaks the words the things disguised as her parent reveal what they truly are!

Burning Bitterpeak is a complete horror-themed adventure for 3–6 PCs of 5th–6th level that takes them up into the mountain mining town of Bitterpeak as it suffers the effects of curses half-earned and half-inflicted. They’ll have to figure out what’s befallen the folk here while fighting back what they’ve unleashed and what they’ve become. Bitterpeak is burning—can the party extinguish the fire at the heart of the mountain, or will they just be another burnt offering?

Diabolically designed and mapped by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.

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