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A.C.E. #6: Orcs & Oubliettes (ACE)

A.C.E. #6: Orcs & Oubliettes (ACE)

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Don your armour, sharpen your sword and ready your lantern. The residents of the city of Heq Moreveg are in danger and only you have the mettle needed to save them!

This action-packed adventure will take you through dungeons, sewers, and city streets as you investigate kidnappings, clash with a nefarious cult, rescue some orcs, and even battle a might dragon! You can choose one of the four pregenerated characters made specifically for this adventure or summon up a character in no time using the ACE! rules and try out one of four new occupations, including the Captain of the Watch, Sprite, and Troll.

As members of the city’s Dusk Watch, you will have the chance to stroll its vibrant streets and meet its eclectic communities. You’ll also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with nobility and check your pockets after visiting the thieves’ guilds. It isn’t long before the city is placed in perilous danger, however, and you’ll need to call on every trick in the watch’s rulebook to survive the trials of orcs and oubliettes!

This fast, fun, tongue-in-cheek adventure for the ACE! roleplaying system includes all the material you need to run your own dungeon-delving and dragon-slaying caper.

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