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A.C.E. #3: Montana Drones and the Raiders of the Cutty Sark (ACE)

A.C.E. #3: Montana Drones and the Raiders of the Cutty Sark (ACE)

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The Return of the Great Adventure!

Settle your fedora, grab your knapsack and snap your bullwhip into action. The allies need your help to protect one of history’s strangest relics!

This action-packed adventure will take you around the globe as you battle nefarious relic hunters, otherworldly entities, diabolic witches, and even the Nazi war machine. You can choose one of the four pregenerated characters made specifically for this adventure, or whip up a character in no time using the ACE! rules and try out one of four new occupations, including the Botanist, Double- Agent, Socialite, and Witch.

Learn about snippets of history as you track down the corselet of Mégês, stroll the corridors of Halcyon Hall, and race against time to recover the famous Cutty Sark—the shirt mentioned in Tam o’ Shanter rumoured to possess magical powers. You’ll also have the chance to explore the ancient ruins of Petra, hobnob with lords and ladies at the U.S. Embassy in London, and sprint across Great Britain to Ayr in pursuit of the notorious stole.

This fast, fun, and tongue-in-cheek adventure for the ACE! roleplaying system includes all the material you need to run your own relic hunting escapade.


Powered by The Awfully Cheerful Engine. To use this adventure, you will need a copy of A.C.E. #1: The Awfully Cheerful Engine!

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