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Level Up: Combat Maneuvers Card Deck (A5E)

Level Up: Combat Maneuvers Card Deck (A5E)

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The Combat Maneuvers Card Deck will save you time, and give a visual reference of the combat maneuvers your character has learned in your Level Up 5E games.

The deck contains 176 combat maneuver cards. You can find more details on combat maneuvers in Level Up: Adventurer's Guide (A5E).


Combat Maneuvers in Level Up 5E

Combat maneuvers in Level Up Advanced 5th Edition encompass the techniques honed by warriors devoted to learning the nuances of battle, discovered and perfected through innumerable fights and countless hours of practice.

As adventurers become more skilled in the arts of combat, what they can accomplish with a seemingly simple strike grows in breadth and scope, making true masters as deadly in a duel as any archmage. Even novices make use of combat maneuvers however, and with the right timing and a bit of luck they can change the course of critical battles.

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