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Level Up: Adventurer's Guide (A5E)

Level Up: Adventurer's Guide (A5E)

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Polygon has included the Level Up Adventurer's Guide in its best gift ideas for D&D newcomers list.

[[We have sold out of this book in North America, but we have new stock on its way. If you preorder now, you will get the PDF immediately and your hardcover will arrive in May. We still have stock in the UK/Europe warehouse.]]

Prepare for Adventure! 

In this guide to Level Up, the advanced roleplaying game, you will find everything you need to play. Create diverse and unique heroes, engage in epic combat with villainous foes, cast powerful spells, and build mighty strongholds! 

This core rulebook includes: 

  • A unique origin system which allows you to select your heritage, culture, background, and destiny! 
  • Details of adventuring gear, weapons, armor, vehicles, and strongholds. 
  • Full rules for combat and adventuring. 
  • Hundreds of spells, combat maneuvers, exploration knacks, and other exciting abilities! 
  • An advanced rule system which adds depth to the core 5th Edition rules while maintaining full compatibility. 

Level Up is a standalone game. Everything you need to create your character and start adventuring can be found in this rulebook.

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Amazing product hightly recommended.