You Fink It's All Over?

You Fink It's All Over?

Thrill-Power Infused Scenarios

Last week's blog covering the Judge Child supplement took a galaxy-encompassing tour of the story line presented in the comics, all with a view to running through the story beats using the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD RPG. Presented as a set of milestones and advice for building scenarios, the campaign offers great guidance for GMs looking to build on the outlines presented in the chapter. This week, however, we take a look at two fully-fleshed scenarios written by Ben Rogers for the supplement, each presented in a chapter of their own and both connected to the larger Judge Child narrative. Will the players be able to solve a potentially explosive dilemma in Refuge Refused? And will they be able to prevent Fink from enacting his deadly revenge in On Ratty's Tail?

The first of the scenarios on offer, Chapter 7: Refuge Refused, is a direct reference to the Refuge Station that Judge Dredd and co. stop at briefly during the last third of the Judge Child story line. Although they don't tarry at the station, the passenger that Joe welcomes aboard Justice One has a far from tiny impact on the Judges' quest.

In a similar manner, Refuge Refused takes the PCs to a Refuge Station, though events unfold somewhat differently for the players than they did in the comic. First, the PCs are aboard a freighter, rather than a Justice Department spaceship. There are even comprehensive suggestions on how civilians, perps and Judges can find themselves aboard the Cosmic Empress. A little engine trouble forces the freighter to limp to the Refuge Station, were the current occupants are far from welcoming. Add in a murder, rising tensions and some other shenanigans during investigations and it doesn't take long for matters to reach boiling point.

Following hot on the heels of this scenario is Chapter 8: On Ratty's Tail. We mentioned in a previous blog that the Judge Child story line left echoes that resonated for years to come. One of those consequences manifested not long after Judges Dredd, Hershey and Larter returned to Earth following their epic quest as the sole remaining member of the Angel Gang, Fink Angel, sought revenge on the crew for the deaths of his family members. Accompanied by his vicious companion Ratty, Fink murders Larter and almost succeeds in eliminating Hershey before Dredd manages to stop him.

Tailored largely towards Judges (although also suitable for perps and civilians with a little tinkering), this scenario sees the PCs take the place of Joe Dredd as they follow the clues surrounding Larter's death to track Fink's murderous trail. With Judge Dredd being kept busy in other areas of Mega-City One to keep him out of trouble, can the players arrive in time to prevent Judge Hershey from being added to the grinder at Resyk?

With those two scenarios a footnote in the Case File histories of Justice Department, it's time to move on to the final chapter in next week's blog, this one jam-packed with NPCs: Star-Studded Cast.

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