On Krysler's Trail

On Krysler's Trail

An Epic Journey

Welcome to our first blog post of the New Year, which sees us return to the insightful delve into the forthcoming Judge Child sourcebook for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD. Our last blog concerning the saga of Owen Krysler took us through the chapter that provides information and advice on the representing the Law in space, plus guidance for travelling between planets and systems. For our next chapter, we walk alongside Judge Dredd himself as we take an informative tour of the story line from an RPG campaign viewpoint. Check your ammo and ready your Lawmaster, it's time to hit the trail!


While it does follow in the footsteps of Joe as he sets out to track down Owen Krysler, the Judge Child Quest chapter is much more than simple walk through of the tale as it was told in the comics. The text opens with the portent of the Judge Child as told by the renowned precog, Judge Feyy. This leads nearly into some concrete advice on how to run a campaign around the Judge Child for Judges, citizens, perps, aliens and bounty hunters, the latter of which could even be of the time- and dimension-hopping type.

The opening of the Judge Child quest takes place in the Cursed Earth, which ties nearly into the supplement of the same name. Although you won't need the Cursed Earth RPG sourcebook to run a campaign to track down Own Krysler, the book is packed full of info and factions will aid in adding more flavour and depth to this particular Earthbound region of the quest.

As the story line leaves the Cursed Earth, the chapter takes a tour of the planned an impromptu stops that Judge Dredd made as he jetted across the stars during his hunt for Owen Krysler. The major stops in the strip are catalogued, each with their own advice and options for including them in an RPG campaign. Because of the way they are presented, each location or plot point can easily be used as part of an epic RPG saga that follows in Dredd's footsteps or as part of any other story arc a GM conceives of for their players. From tangling with the machinations of the Necromancer to stepping into the Grunwalder's robotic kingdom, this chapter has plenty to offer for any campaign, not just one involving the Judge Child!

After embarking on a full tour of the major plot points of the saga, the next two chapters focus on in-depth scenarios that can take place during the campaign and after its conclusion. Tune in next week as we take a look at Chapters 7 and 8: Refuge Refused and On Ratty's Tail.

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