Wearing Red

Wearing Red

Life in the SOV-Block

After last week's news of an imminent Case File Compendium featuring several adventures for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, we return to our breakdown of the Apocalypse War supplement that is in the works. Having already taken a look at the careers and equipment on offer, we head deep into the Sov-Block itself with this week's feature piece.

The Sov-Block is a vast region largely consisting of a radiation poisoned desert, although it also encompasses two Mega-Cities and a selection of other settlements. A huge and uncompromising stretch of warped land where only the hardiest of souls have any hope of surviving the dangers it holds.

As the supplement is set in and around the events of the Apocalypse War, East-Meg One is still very much present on the map - at least, until Judge Dredd nukes it from existence of course. The beginning of the chapter takes a little time to explore the streets of this vast urban jungle, including some of its secret spots, before moving on to its sister city - the one that did survive the war - East-Meg Two.

With the vast conurbations covered, the chapter moves on to the interior of the Block, covering topics such as available resources, terrifying gulags, and horrific mutant tribes. From squidipedes to Kobraz, the monsters stalking the radlands are many and dangerous.

From the interior to the exterior, we then take a whistle-stop tour of the lands surrounding the Sov-Block and even look skyward towards their stellar holdings. All-in-all, this informative chapter provides a raft of information that will allow PCs from either side of the war to gain an insight into the 'other side'. For GMs that would like to try something new, there are also plenty of seeds to springboard adventures and campaigns set in a political that is different yet eerily similar to that of Mega-City One. Which is where we pick up next week... the Big Meg during the war. Stand by for Block Mania! Do you know which Block you will be fighting for yet?


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