Bringing It All Together

Bringing It All Together

A Crime Anthology

This week, we're interrupting our ongoing breakdown of the Apocalypse War supplement to bring you breaking news from the streets of Mega-City One. If you aren't aware of their existence, we've slowly been releasing small pdfs for use across the current range of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper settings. Now, for the first time since their release, we are collecting all of the Judge Dredd Case Files into a single compendium. All in a brand new format!

While the titles themselves will still be available as individual purchases, the compendium brings them all into on place at a cost-saving price. There will also be an opportunity to purchase a Print on Demand copy if you'd prefer a physical copy (we know we'll be ordering some for ourselves!).

So, what's in the book? Let's take a look at the introductory text to find out about those six classic scenarios drawn straight from the fingertips of head honcho Russ Morrissey, plus Judge Dredd stalwarts Richard August, Ben Rogers and Shaun Cook:

Monkey Business

A group of uplifted apes has taken over the Bronson & Sons department store. Can the players put a stop to Bob Hope and his gang before they cause even more mayhem?

Nobody Expects the SJS

The players are summoned by Justice Department's internal affairs, the fearsome Special Judical Squad. Can they hold out? Do they have nothing to hide?

Night of the Living Dredd

The living dead are on the move in the undercity. Trouble is, the players are trapped down there also. Will their ammo and the barricades hold out until help arrives?

Obstructing the Law

Champion Fattie Archibald Flump is trapped in the corrider outside of his apartment. Can he be freed in time for his competition?

Red Dredd Redemption

The players crossed a dangerous criminal during their early years, a deadly crook now intent on murderous revenge. Will they survive their enemy's retribution?

All Boxed Up

An alien philanthropist is planning to redevelop a Cardboard City. Can the players clean the place up before his inspection?

But that's not all, however, as the compendium will also contain an all-new Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD Case File from our very own Marc Langworthy. A scenario that will test the players patience and judgement to the limit:

The Future of Law Enforcement

Summoned by Judge Dredd himself, the players are tasked with taking a group of Cadets on a Hot Dog Run. The question is, will any of them make the grade?

That means Case File Compendium 1 is packed full with 7 different scenarios, any of which can be run on their own or dropped into a campaign. Keep an eye on the website and this blog for news of its release!

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