Not Just Any War...

Not Just Any War...

The Apocalypse War!

After last week's round up of currently published material for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, it's time to look ahead at what the future holds beyond Judge Child. As we're following the time line of Joe's career as established in the comics, the next epic saga to follow the intergalactic trail of Judge Child is a tale of apocalyptic proportions... quite literally! Avoid drinking water directly from the city's supplies and prepare for some geurilla warfare, for the Apocalypse War is imminent!

Just as with our lead in to the Judge Child supplement, it's worth providing an overview to the events that took place in the comic strip during this story line. First, though, savvy fans may have noted that a certain deathly character makes their initial and infamous appearance a good few progs before the Apocalypse War and the events leading up to it. Although this is certainly the case, Judge Death's first appearance was only a snippet of the deadly events he was to be part of in future installments, which is exactly why we've decided to save his first rodeo for later - it's all part of a much bigger story where Death and his companions are concerned.

As for the Apocalypse War story line itself, the actual lead up to the war begins with the brutal clashes that take place between Mega-City One Blocks in Block Mania. Although it isn't immediately apparent, a Sov-Block assassin, Orlok, contaminates the Big Meg's water supplies with a toxin that drives the population into a murderous rage against rival Blocks near to their own. Even the Judges who drink from the supply are affected, causing civil order to largely collapse as the few unaffected Judges struggle to contain the Block battles.

Block Mania, however, was just the Sov-Blocks prelude to their invasion. With Mega-City One in turmoil and its nuclear defenses wiped out thanks to the destruction of the Atlantic Wall, the Sovs waste no time in launching their ground offensive. Wave after wave of troops, tanks and robots land in the sprawling sectors of the city. Not content with destroying the Big Meg, the Sovs seek to capture its resources and permanently plant their flag in its soil.

Judge Dredd leads a desperate resistance with the few remaining Judges he has at hand. Desperate battles are fought against the vastly overwhelming Sov forces, with some grand sacrifices leading to pyrrhic victories for the Mega-City One Judges. At one point, Joe has to eliminate the Chief Justice himself after Griffin is captured by the Sovs and brainwashed into visibly supporting their cause.

Finally, Dredd manages to lead a small infiltration team back towards the Sov's command bunker. Fighting their way through its interior, Dredd gives the Sovs a taste of their own medicine by obliterating East Meg One from existence with their own nukes. He then leads the team back to Mega-City One and a final showdown with War Marshall Kazan.

With so many epic moments in a tense and thrilling story line, the Apocalypse War supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is sure to be just as action packed! Stay tuned to find out as we begin peeking inside in next week's blog.

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