Galactic Misadventures

Galactic Misadventures

On the Trail of the Judge Child

We took a short interlude with last week's blog to take a look at our very own Awfully Cheerful Engine, which is prepped and ready to launch next year. This week, we're back to talk Judge Dredd & the World's of 2000 AD once more as we look ahead to the epic Judge Child saga and the supplement that will be exploring this tale. Strap yourselves in as we take a ride across the galaxy on Justice One!

If you're unfamiliar with this part of Joe's history, the Judge Child story line was an interstellar affair that took Judge Dredd from the Cursed Earth to the far corners of the galaxy, all on the prediction of one of Mega-City One's most preeminent precogs. Known to have an 88.8% accuracy with his predictions, Judge Feyy predicted doom for the Big Meg while on his own deathbed unless the boy who bore the Eagle of Justice on his forehead could be found. The hunt for Owen Krysler was on.

The Judge Child saga not only had a far-reaching story line in terms of the distance that Judge Dredd travelled to track down Own Krysler, it also introduced characters and plot points that still have a presence in the comic to this day. The Angel Gang, Judge Hershey, and Justice One were all first introduced in this series, while the sequel to Judge Child, City of the Damned, led to Judge Dredd gaining a set of bionic eyes.

Such a major story arc needs an equally encompassing supplement, which we are confident this one is sure to deliver. From new careers to narrative rules for space travel, and exciting scenarios to deadly new adversaries, the Judge Child supplement packs a lot of content into its covers. You can bet the aforementioned icons of the series will also make an apearance, too.

With the primer and cover reveal out of the way, check back in next week as we launch our deep dive into the interior with a look at the character options on offer.

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