Interstellar Inventory

Interstellar Inventory

Equipped for Travel

After last week's blog took a look at careers, origins and species, we continue our tour of the Judge Child supplement this week with a look at the equipment that becomes available with the book. Strap yourselves in and prepare for interstellar travel, it's time for this week's Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD blog post.


Despite being one of the shorter chapters in the book, the equipment chapter for Judge Child is packed full of information and ideas. Dredd's hunt for Owen Krysler doesn't just take him across the galaxy, of course. He opens his journey by following a lead into the Cursed Earth. The lead into the equipment chapter takes a similarly encompassing dynamic by offering mechanics for purchasing equipment with a variety of quirks or functionality from traders that might be alien or mutant.

After that, the chapter takes a look at some fairly standard but essential equipment, such as the autonomous message pods used by the Justice Department and lifesaving portadomes that are essential items for extended forays into harsh environments.

Currency is also covered in the form of Gold Eagles and Galactic Groats. Always make sure you have some currency on hand that can be easily exchanged. Just be sure to clear it with accountancy first!

A few new weapons are also introduced in the form of the las-lance, bludgeon cannon, nightmare gun, spider bomb, Terlian warp globe and more. In fact, there is a fairly dazzling array of alien weaponry on offer... enough to keep any inter-dimensional bounty hunter happy, that's for sure.

Some new cybernetics and drugs are then offered before we head into the blockbuster category of this chapter: vehicles. If the statistics for a mighty war wheel don't whet your appetite, we have an in-depth tour of Justice One on hand to keep you busy.


That's it for now. Check back in next week as we take an interstellar tour with the Gazetteer of the Galaxy!

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