Aliens, Robots and Interstellar Humans

Aliens, Robots and Interstellar Humans

A Galaxy-Spanning Career

Continuing our look at the forthcoming Judge Child supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, this week's blog post delves into the options available as part of character creation or ongoing careers. We've already learned a little about the feared Accounts Department of the Justice Department but do you have what it takes to step into their shoes?


We've already covered the fact that the Judge Child story line takes Judge Dredd and his companions on a tour of the galaxy. With so many planets and alien species encountered throughout the run, there are plenty of options for new playable species in the supplement, all of them hailing from distant planets.

From there, a batch of new origins are introduced, including Baden Scouts, Colonial Children, and Wild Alien, all of which lead into new career options. The new careers on offer include some options for aliens, plus new choices for civilians, perps, and Judges. You could have spent some time as a Resyk Operative, Cursed Earth Lawman, or a Rock Head if you aren't a Judge.

For Judges, on the other hand, a new entry path for pre-cogs is offered in the form a Psi School Late Inductee. There are also options to serve as an Accounts Judge, a member of the Colonial Marshal's Office, Judge Pilot, and a Space Circuit Judge amongst others.

With plenty of options on offer, this supplement is sure to inspire lots of campaign and adventure options!  With our tour of career paths at an end, check back in next week as we take a peek at some of the equipment that is available for galactic travel.

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