Going Rogue (Again)

Going Rogue (Again)

All-New Battlefronts

Recently, we've been talking a lot about our brand new and light fantastic tabletop RPG, the Awfully Cheerful Engine!. If you haven't checked it out yet, the kickstarter has successfully funded and reeled in its second stretch goal. There has never been a better time to join in the fun! In this week's blog, however, we return to a war-torn future as we look ahead at another new collection of adventures due for release soon. Grab you GI rifle and strap on your bag, man, as we return to the deadly battlefields of Nu-Earth!

Produced in a similar format to our recent Judge Dredd Case Files Compendium release, the new sourcebook for Rogue Trooper will collect together several scenarios into one handy soucebook. While some of these scenarios are already available on our webstore, this compendium introduces several new adventures and even offers an interlinked campaign that follows the plight of the Unlucky 7th, a battered unit of hopper pilots that provide mission support as needed.

If you've never heard of Rogue Trooper or his battles across Nu-Earth before, the blogs covering our main sourcebook for this setting are well worth checking out. Set in a future where a deadly war has consumed an entire planet, the scenarios in this Tour of Nu-Earth take place in around the conflict between the Norts and Southers.

Seeded with advice on running the scenarios from either side of the war, this collection of adventures could happily be dropped into any established campaign or serve as the platform to launch a new one. So what's in the book?

The Horror at Camp Vlad

Camp Vlad is a Nort POW camp located on the edge of Nu Earth’s Scheibwald Jungle. The Office of Public Truth (OPT) have assembled a team to investigate why prisoners are have been regularly reported as escaped or shot while attempting to escape across a period of eight months.

The Killer in the Night

When a Souther combat team is assigned a routine mission to guard a band of Nort prisoners of war being moved from the frontlines, it looks like they will have a break from the dangers they experience on the frontlines of Nu Earth. All too soon, however, their march becomes perilous as an unseen assailant starts to pick off members of the column, both Norts and Southers alike!

Introducing the Unlucky 7th

The PCs take on roles as the crew of a “Hopper” on Nu Earth. They are sent out on a variety of missions from inserting squads into drop zones, couriering vital messages or high value cargos, med-evac, fire support, reconnaissance and basically anything else the top brass can think of.

Hopper Variants

A direct support to the Unlucky 7th series, this material delves into the other main “character” of the campaign; the players’ vehicle.

Deep Trouble

A Souther flier has vanished in the vicinity of Klumpflot Lake in a remote part of the Hell Hunt Jungle. The craft contained Colonel Cortez, an intelligence officer whose cybernetic memory banks hold heavily encrypted, top secret information. The Unlucky 7th are tasked with assisting military divers who will try to locate and retrieve Cortez’s body, or at least his head.

Black Market Shenanigans

A scenario that deals with the influence of the black market within a military operation. Intended as an Unlucky 7s scenario, this could be slotted into most campaigns where the PCs spend anytime at a base or station with minimal alterations.

Assault on Nu-Everest

The Unlucky 7th are given the task of retrieving an infiltration team that has made its way into a Nort facility on Nu-Everest. Their original craft was destroyed soon after dropoff and the 7s are needed for EVAC.

Keep the comm channels open and clear as we close in on more news and the compendium's release date!

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