Judging the Judges

Judging the Judges

Silver Skulls

In last week's blog, we began taking our long-awaited look at exactly what The Day the Law Died supplement will be bringing to your Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD gaming table. The strip introduced the maniacal reign of Chief Judge Cal, who stepped into his tyrannical dominion of Mega-City One from his role as the head of the Special Judiciary Squad, or SJS. These fearsome Judges remained Cal's closest supporters throughout his terrifying rule, the silver skulls on their helmets forming a sinister bodyguard to his movements. At least, until the Kleggs arrival that is. But more on that later...

The Rise of the SJS

With the outfit serving as the springboard for Judge Cal, The Rise of the SJS is rather an apt title for the opening chapter of The Day the Law Died. At over 6000 words, the inaugural chapter takes a seriously deep dive into the history and inner workings of this sinister outfit.

When we say this is the treatise on the SJS, we really mean it. The chapter begins by taking a look at the branch's history, from their beginnings all the way through to major events beyond The Day the Law Died, such as MacGruder's time in the unit, and their actions after the Day of Chaos.

Because of the nature of the SJS and their often brutal examinations of the Judges that they watch over, the chapter and book also carry a warning over the impact that such sinister themes can have on the players. This goes hand-in-hand with the next part of this chapter: the role that the SJS play within the Justice Department.

The SJS are tasked with policing the Judges, and if you think Street Judges are harsh in their handling of perps and dispensing of justice, the SJS dial this up to 11 as a simple expedient of their role in investigating their physically and mentally hardened associates. Watching over their own hasn't been their only remit over the years, however, which is where this section also takes a look at the other functions the unit have carried out throughout the timeline.

The chapter close out with an overview of how the SJS can feature in your games, not just in terms of The Day the Law Died but any game of Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD.

With Chapter 1: The Rise of the SJS at a close, join us next week as we take a look at some of the careers available during Judge Cal's reign.

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