EN Publishing News: Feywild tricks, Pipes of Haunting and Judge Dredd

EN Publishing News: Feywild tricks, Pipes of Haunting and Judge Dredd

Hi everyone! There’s plenty going on this week in the world of EN Publishing, including some vast (and secretly cursed) additions to Level Up, sneak previews of adventure compendiums and plenty of tricksy Feywild content ready for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Without further adieu, let's get started.

Level Up Advanced 5E

Our upcoming tabletop RPG Level Up Advanced 5E takes your Dungeons & Dragons rules to the next level. The latest development includes the addition of over 500 new magic items to our core rulebook. Among these are Artifacts - magical items that can be just as powerful as they are cursed. 

Check out the likes of the Pipes of Haunting and Raiment of the Devouring King over at the official Level Up 5E blog.

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD 

Among the existing collection of delightfully ultra-violent and bombastic content set in the Worlds of 2000 AD universe, we’re delighted to announce a new upcoming adventure compendium. Upcoming book Tour of Nu-Earth 1 adds to the Rogue Trooper setting.

Check out an exclusive preview of the page layouts over at the official EN Publishing Blog.


The latest EN5ider - our treasure trove of unique Dungeons & Dragons 5E content - features fiendish puzzles straight from the lurid and wild recesseses of the Feywild.

Learn more about passing Through the Looking Glass and the strange Bright Flower over at EN World and join the EN5ider Patreon for more unique D&D add-ons for your campaigns.

Credit: Jori Hollander


Thanks to everyone for supporting us on the Spells of the Ages: Archmagic for D&D 5E Kickstarter campaign. We’ve raised over £10,000 thus far, and still counting. 

We’ve still got 14 days to go, so if you’re looking to upgrade your Dungeons & Dragons game with over 38 brand new spells themed around healing, music and nature, plus fancy trying out a distinct wizard school, there’s still time to join the Kickstarter.

On our Podcast

This week, Morrus and Pete were joined by professional Dungeon Master Sarah, and discussed all the latest breaking news in the tabletop RPG world, featuring some WWE meet Dungeons & Dragons antics and a bounty hunting game.

Listen to the podcast over at Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG talk, and enjoy a sketch about the pitfalls of edgy player characters to boot. 


Our in-house system, W.O.I.N is a ruleset that lets you create grand adventures within any setting and timeframe. The system further breaks down into O.L.D, N.E.W and N.O.W, all of which cater to different settings.

We are currently working on a dark and horrifying setting, The Possessed, which draws from exorcisms, demons and creeping shadows. You can infuse an existing N.O.W campaign with top-tier spookiness with our latest Poltergeist monster or get more details on The Possessed at the official EN Publishing blog.

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