W.O.I.N. Presents: The Possessed

W.O.I.N. Presents: The Possessed

A Classic Tale of Horror

Welcome back to our weekly blog, where - amongst other news - we take a look at current and future projects within the world of EN Publishing. Recent posts have looked at our ongoing kickstarter for the light and friendly Awfully Cheerful Engine! tabletop RPG, plus delved into the Apocalypse War and a Rogue Trooper Compendium for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD. But those aren't the only projects in progress or on the horizon, for something dark and sinister is also stirring in the world of W.O.I.N....

The Possessed follows on in the vein of our W.O.I.N. Studios Production format, which introduces a setting as an homage to a particular genre through the lens of film studio from an alternate reality. If you haven't already done so, the current supplement in the W.O.I.N. presents line, The Fall of Somerset Landing, is an excellent homage to xenomorph films. As a side note, we're also currently releasing additional episodes in the xenomorph line over on our Patreon, so you'll be able to enjoy even more terror at the hands of horrifying extraterrestrials!

But back to the matter at hand. Following in the footsteps of some truly chilling films that deal with the battle of good against evil for the sanctity of mortal souls, The Possessed is a chilling entry for W.O.I.N. presents that deals with exorcism, demons, and slowly ramping horror.

Set firmly within the N.O.W. genre of W.O.I.N., The Possessed begins with a look at the types of characters that this setting is primarily designed for. As The Possessed scenarios revolve around the players piecing together clues, tracking down demonically possessed mortals and then hopefully freeing them from the entity bewitching them, suggested careers range from Bartender and Detective to Gambler and Lawyer. A healthy new raft of origins and careers tailored for the setting, such as Demonologist, Former Possessed and Occultist, are also provided. Plus there are new takes on the classic W.O.I.N. careers Detective and Priest.

With the setting based around the classic W.O.I.N. Studios Production that follows a terrifying case of possession and exorcism, the Priests and Nuns of the alternate dimension can often take centre stage in the battle against evil, so additional information is provided to offer a little depth for the organisation that they represent and dedicate their lives to supporting.

As the supplement deals with a dark and deadly menace, The Possessed introduces new mechanics to handle exorcisms, a host of demons for your players to test their wills against, and an in-depth treatise on the terrifying descent that leads to consumption of a mortal soul and full possession of their body. There is also an entire adventure for the players to step into, plus several pregenerated characters provided so that they can begin hunting demonic entities straight away.

If you enjoy stories of supernatural horror set in the modern world that are a slow build on the terror, then The Possessed is certainly something to watch out for. We'll be sure to keep you posted once the book becomes available!

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