Dreddful News

Dreddful News

Just in case you were hiding out in the Cursed Earth or cooling off in the iso-cubes last week, our big product release news related to the Judge Child supplement finally hitting our webstore! Available in both pdf and Print on Demand format (which also comes with the pdf), the Judge Child sourcebook will add plenty of intergalactic variety to your games. Check out some of our previous blogs to get the inside scoop on what you can expect within its covers.

And speaking of covers, we have our very first glimpse at the epic cover for the upcoming Apocalypse War supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD. As it's the epic story line that takes place next in the continuity of the comics so far as Joe Dredd's career is concerned, Apocalypse War follows hot on the heels of the Judge Child as our next release for this ghafflebette roleplaying game. Pun totally intended by the way.

And don't worry. Like our other sourcebooks, you won't need to have read the comics to enjoy everything contained within its sizzling hot pages.Written by our 2000 AD-verse experts, Ben Rogers and John White, the Apocalypse War sourcebook follows a similar format to our previous supplements, with an introduction to the time frame and recent events, plus all sorts of campaign ideas, player options, and adventure seeds threaded throughout.

We have covered the content of the Apocalypse War supplement in previous blog posts but stay tuned for more in-depth spoilers and sneak peeks at graphics as layout continues!

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