Judicial Interlude

Judicial Interlude

Judge Dredd: The Day the Law Died

In this week's blog, we're interrupting the galaxy-spanning tour of Strontium Dog by order of the Justice Department in this week's blog, but fear not! We will return to our normal schedule and the promised overview of those lucrative bounty contracts next week.

And the reason for the interruption to the schedule? A very special cover reveal for the next installment in the Judge Dredd series of supplements: The Day the Law Died.

Each supplement for Judge Dredd has followed Joe's career in a chronological order, with Robot Wars throwing him into the midst of a robot insurrection, Luna-1 launching him to the moon for a brief stint as Marshall, and Cursed Earth sending him on an epic journey across the irradiated wastelands to save Mega-City Two.

In The Day the Law Died, Judge Dredd has recently returned from Mega City Two to a hero's welcome. He soon discovers, however, that all is not well in his home city. Judge Cal, the crazed head of the sinister Special Judicial Squad, believes he is the best person to sit in the Chief Judge's chair and soon engineers matters to make this happen. Worse yet, Judge Cal has also brainwashed almost all of the Judges into following his orders without question. In the hopes of toppling the insane Chief Judge, Judge Dredd is left with no choice but to take up arms against his former brothers and sisters of the Justice Department. The echoes of this dark period in the history of the Judges echo for many years.

With lots of exciting content planned, make sure to check back in regularly for more reveals to come. And be sure to check out Morrus's Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Episode 97 for a few more insights into future plans!

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