Administering Justice

Administering Justice

Every Credit Counts

The prophesied Judge Child, Owen Krylser, is loose in the galaxy. The Psi-Division have forecast impending doom unless he can be found, so it's time to get Mega-City One's finest on his trail. After last week's blog post walked you through the story line that inspires the next supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, it's time to take a look at the very first chapter, which introduces the Accounts Division of the Justice Department among other topics.

The inaugural chapter for the book, Judging the Cost, offers an insight into some of the inner workings of the Justice Department that have rapidly become an established part of canon since the early progs of epics such as Cursed Earth and Judge Child. Not only did each long story line introduce new concepts, they also pushed the boundaries of the known galaxy way beyond Mega-City One.

This first chapter takes a look at some of the expanded lore that is first introduced through the Judge Child series, including the first real glimpses of the Council of Five, who were re-established by Chief Judge Griffin after their dissolution by the despot Cal.

Some of the various internal branches of Justice Department are also discussed, including the much maligned Accounts Department. This particular branch of the Law begin taking a serious interest in Dredd's affairs during the Judge Child run, so you can bet they make an appearance more than once within the pages of this book!

All this before the chapter finally rounds itself with a small insight into the role of the Black Ops founded by Griffin and a word or two on the Psi-Division, without whom the epic hunt for the Judge Child would never have occurred. With the introductory chapter out of the way, tune in next week for a look at some new and exciting character options!


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