After the War

After the War

In a break from the scheduled post we promised in our previous blog, this week seemed a prudent point to catch a breath from our tour of Nu Earth and take a look ahead at what will be coming once the war draws to a close. Time to check the ammo status on your lawgiver and check in with control as we look ahead to our return to the mean streets of Mega-City One!

We'll be returning to the 'Big Meg' not long after the Rogue Trooper supplement hits the shelves. Having also delved into galactic affairs with Strontium Dog, a return to the hallowed halls of the Justice Department is long overdue.

The first supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD on our return to Mega-City One, and the fourth in the line after the corebook, will introduce Judge Cal from The Day the Law Died storyline in the comic strip. We've revealed the cover in a previous blog post and briefly covered the reception that Judge Dredd receives upon his return from Mega-City Two in 2101.

Written by Richard August and John White, you can expect a deep insight into the notorious Special Judicial Squad (SJS), new Judge careers, a full rundown of life in Mega-City One under Cal's tyrannical rule, plus missions that ask you to choose a side - will you remain loyal to the Justice Department despite Cal's despotic rule, or will you join Joe and stand strong in the face of everything you hold dear?

Did we say it was time to return to old familiar haunts after our double intergalactic interlude? Don't get too comfortable, as it's time to ship out across the galaxy once again after the tyrant Cal has been dealt with! The Judge Child storyline launches with Dredd on the trail of the preordained saviour of Mega-City One: the child named Owen Krysler. Born with the Judges' Eagle as a prominent feature on his forehead, the Judge Child has come to the attention of Psi Division through precognitive visions.

With a foray into the Cursed Earth once again, Judge Child is the storyline that introduced the twisted band of outlaws known as the Angel Gang. It is also notable for providing the first appearances of future Chief Justice, Judge Hershey, and the interstellar spacecraft called Justice One.

With Dredd forced to leave Earth on the trail of the Pa Angel and his boys, you can once again expect new Judge Careers (including my personal favourite, the Accounts Judge), a whole host of planets to visit, expedient rules on interstellar travel, and some exciting crime files for Judges to tackle. Written by Andrew Peregrine, Benjamin Rogers and John White, Judge Child provides a grand tour of Judge Dredd's galaxy in 2103.

But you missed Judge Death we hear you cry! Don't worry, he issss ssssoon to make an appearance! But that's it for now. We'll be back to show off some interiors of Rogue Trooper next week!


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