Gazing into the Void

Gazing into the Void

Beyond the Solar System

Having been rather busy with kickstarters and an adventure compendium for Rogue Trooper recently, news from Mega-City One had been a little thin on the ground. But that all changed in last week's blog with a cover reveal and a sneak peeks inside the cover. This week, we continue to gather some intel on Judge Dredd's desperate mission to recover the Judge Child to secure the Big Meg's future. Alert all Sector Houses, new briefing documents are imminent!


Again, if you haven't already done so, it would be very much worth your time delving into the previous blog articles that will walk you through exactly what to expect within the Judge Child supplement for Judge Dredd & the World's of 2000 AD. With 9 chapters and 130 pages in all, there is a lot of content packed into the star-spanning sourcebook! From new careers and other player options to advice on space travel and 2 scenarios that connect directly to the events in the comic strip or stand alone all on their own, there is something for every fan of the tabletop RPG and comic in this book.


If you're familiar with creative processes, you may already have a little insight into plans evolving and adapting as a project progresses. Judge Child has certainly been no different. For this sourcebook, we've had the luxury of being able to include a little full-colour art and enjoying the opportunity to include chapter header graphics that relate directly to the story line of the comic strip.

The search for the Judge Child begins soon, so stay tuned for that all-important release date! There is also news a war on the horizon hot on the heels of the expedition's conclusion, so make sure to stash plenty of supplies for the battles ahead!

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