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Spells of the Ages: Archmagic For D&D 5th Edition (D&D 5e)

Spells of the Ages: Archmagic For D&D 5th Edition (D&D 5e)

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This 27-page book contains 38 new spells, a new school of ecomancy for wizards, plus rules for upcasting 19 spells from the 5E core rules.

  • 38 brand new spells for a variety of classes, themed around nature, healing, and music!
  • Nature-themed wizards can use the new school of ecomancy!
  • Upcast 19 common spells from the core rules with higher level spell slots! 

Here's a look at the contents of this 27-page book.

  •  Secrets of Nature's Fury. These ten new spells are new additions to the druid’s repertoire and represent the cornucopia of blessing that Nature shares with her greatest allies. A handful of these spells are available for rangers as well. Nature is not stingy to those who protect her sacred places. Spells include venomous succor, wolfsbane, blade of grass, everygreen army, druidhome, and more. By Anthony Jennings; illustrated by Keir Lyles.
  •  Strands of Life. Giltônio Santos brings you 11 new healing spells for the cleric, bard, druid, paladin, or ranger in your life, and takes a brief look at direct healing, damage mitigation, and gradual healing. A vital article for anyone playing a healer! By Giltônio Santos; illustrated by Jen Tracy.
  •  Nature Magic: Ecomancy. Nature. We are in it and it is in us. You can't escape it—but you can study it, learn from it, and just maybe with a little magic take control of it. We're not talking about druids though, we're talking wizards. Get your mage out of the keep's library and into the world with the School of Ecomancy and these 8 new nature-themed spells! Ride in style using conjure nature's sleigh, send forest texts via the grapevine cantrip, lay waste to foes with seed bomb, or see the world through innumerable fungal eyes with sporesight! Ecologically designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Mark Bulahao, this school will appeal to fans of Radagast the Brown!
  •  Masterpiece Renditions. There is magic in music and few melodies contain as much nuanced power as this suite of sublime spells! Play the rousing and rising accelerando to empower a band of warriors, unleash the battlecry ballad to rally your forces, employ the expertise of circular breathing to perform beneath the waves, cast crowd pleaser to get a party started, employ dramatic sting to pluck at a foe's heartstrings, never allow an audience to forget you with earworm, become more helpful with an accompaniment from harmonic resonance, blow away listeners with the power of resonating solo, create a background player with strike up the band, or spread true sorrow with the use of fearful sonnet! These masterpieces of magic were penned by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.
  •  Archmagic. Some magic finds its way into the repertoire of nearly every sorcerer and wizard, yet they linger on in spell lists and left unused as more potent options become available—but this need not be the case! This article presents new options for upcasting 19 of the most common spells ranging from alter self all the way down the line to web, giving players a new appreciation for some of the game's most common spells. Compellingly designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Kim Van Deun.
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