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Judge Dredd: The Day The Law Died

Judge Dredd: The Day The Law Died

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Mega-City One is being terrorised under the heel of the tyrannical Chief Judge Cal and only the implacable Judge Dredd seems willing to stand in his way. Framed for murder and derided as the worst type of criminal during Cal’s grab for ultimate power, Dredd is soon hailed as the only person capable of standing in the megalomaniac’s way.

As the Big Meg trembles under Cal’s terrifying grip, will you join the Judges conditioned into supporting him or stand with the small band of rebels dedicated to bringing his reign to an end?

The Day the Law Died provides an in-depth treatise on the Special Judicial Squad, the Justice Department’s stern internal affairs branch, additional species options such as troggies and Kleggs, several career choices for civilians, perps, and Judges, new equipment and vehicles, a full gazetteer covering the timeline of Cal’s reign and how best to survive it, plus a number of exciting scenarios, including a ride on the Helter Skelter. Set during Chief Judge Cal’s despotic reign over the Justice Department and Mega- City One, this supplement will offer some tough choices for players of the Judge Dredd & the World of 2000 AD roleplaying game.

Requires the use of the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook.