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Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #0 (A5E)

Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #0 (A5E)

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The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each month, this digital supplement comes crammed with new rules and resources for your game.

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Constructed Heritage (Anthony Alipio)

Engineered from crafted materials and imbued with a renewable source of energy, it isn’t clear exactly how constructed beings gained sentience. Long-standing clockwork temple guardians may have been granted a special boon by the god they served, artifice and wild magics may have combined in arcane ways to spontaneously birth self awareness in once lifeless automatons, or a mystical being may have infused a piece of its soul into the heart of a manufactured war machine. No matter their origins, constructs are built for a purpose and the constructed are products of their original creation—to a certain extent. With the gift of life also came a mind and a will of their own. Some constructed hold close to their original purpose while others reject it outright, choosing to forge their own path forward.

Artificer (Andrew Engelbrite)

Artificers work in the arcano-sciences, combining both magic and technology despite all the risks. They are masters of their fields, experimenters, and inventors that push the limits of mortal capability ensuring that progress marches on. Each represents the knife’s edge of understanding though they are their own isolated towers of knowledge and scientific practices, most doomed to become a mere footnote of failed ideas. Yet more than their individual focuses and methods, it is an artificer’s determination and drive that sets them apart even from their peers—they can fail a thousand times and die satisfied so long as they successfully unlock a mystery of the universe at least once.

Lycanthrope Synergy Feats (Thiago Rosa)

Lycanthropes are defined by their ability to transform. While every lycanthrope receives specific traits depending on the animal their curse is related to, their transformations share some traits.

Jabberwock (Paul Hughes)

The jabberwock is a gangly, long-necked dragon native to the faerie realm. Although its appearance is unlikely, even the mightiest heroes must beware the jabberwock’s claws that grab and eyes of flame. Spellcasters in particular fear its burbling speech, a magical singsong that ruins spells and reduces words to nonsense.

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