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Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #17 (A5E)

Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #17 (A5E)

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The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each month, this digital supplement delivers new rules and resources for your game.

Origins of the Southern Seas: The Reef Singer Culture and Beachcomber Background
It is said by some that all life sprang from the primordial oceans. It’s unsurprising, then, that many sapient creatures make their homes near the coastal shores. Some, however, live in closer kinship with the beaches and shallows than others. Those of the Reef Singer culture and who have made their living as a Beachcomber are two such peoples. These lives are far from merely lazy days with warm sun and sea breezes, however—the oceans are harsh and unforgiving, utterly unconcerned with the danger they pose and the havoc they wreak on those who live at their borders. By PJ Coffey.

The Court of Dawn & Tribunal of Twilight
Holding sway over smaller domains than the Queens of Summer and Winter, the Count of Dawn and the Earlessa of Twilight nonetheless have influence over the beginnings and endings of things.

Strange even for the Dreaming, these two realms either exist in the same space or else each only exists when the other does not. None are quite sure, but what is certain is that one cannot know which will lie on the other side of the gatestone—or even that, having entered the Court, one will not suddenly and inexplicably find oneself in the Tribunal or vice versa!

The following exploration challenges, spells, and NPCs can be used together or wherever an adventure calls for an intrusion of fey magic. By Marc Kenobi.

Scourge of the Sea: The Blastfire Pirates
There are many perils of the ocean, but few are as evocative as pirates. The Blastfire Pirates, between their fierce prowess and mysterious black powder magic, are dramatic examples of the type. The following NPCs will help add additional flair to any seagoing encounter, whether the adventurers encounter them as friend or foe. By Mike Myler.

Hands of the Deliverers: Protector Archetypes
The job of bodyguard is an old and respected one. However, sometimes a sharp eye and an intimidating presence simply aren’t enough, even when pared with martial prowess. The following archetypes take this concept to new—and often magical–heights. While not all who follow these paths are noble or selfless, this article also features a new organization: The Deliverers, who seek safety and equality for all. By Peter N. Martin.

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