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Judge Dredd: The Judge Child

Judge Dredd: The Judge Child

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In humanity’s bleak future, a city with a population numbering in the hundreds of millions is watched over by a totalitarian regime who invests its Judges with the authority to dispense instant justice. Life in Mega-City One is a dazzling panoply of bizarre outfits, outrageous fads, short-lived highs and excruciatingly long lows. The gigantic Citi-Blocks and crumbling tenements of yesteryear shelter a hodgepodge of people and aliens, all largely striving to survive the daily grind of the Big Meg. But life doesn’t just stop at the walls of Mega-City One. The Cursed Earth still shelters life to some extent, the inhabitants of Texas City hold proudly to old traditions, and alien visitors from other planets transit to Earth on a daily basis. Although most citizens stuck in the doldrums of Mega-City life rarely think about it, humanity’s reach has grown to extend far into other galaxies. A rare lucky few manage to escape their city’s boundaries in search of a new life on distant planets. Much more than an expansive look at the epic saga from the comic story line, the Judge Child supplement also offers all the tools and guidance necessary to run the titular campaign plus any number of games set in the deep reaches of space within Judge Dredd’s galaxy. Prime your engines and stow your equipment, its time to propel yourself into the stars!

Requires the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook.

The Judge Child supplement includes:

  • New origins, species, careers and Judge options
  • Expanded equipment and rules for interstellar travel
  • Two new scenarios plus guidance for running the Judge Child saga
  • A gazetteer of the galaxy and its inhabitants