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Level Up: Monstrous Menagerie (A5E)

Level Up: Monstrous Menagerie (A5E)

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Monsters both Fiendish and Friendly

The Monstrous Menagerie provides nearly 600 monsters, variants, monster templates, and hordes for your Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition game. Populate your game world with classic monsters ranging from the lowly stirge to the terrifying tarrasque, along with new horrors like the khalkos and the phase monster. Challenge even the mightiest adventurers with elite monsters like great wyrm dragons and the Medusa Queen. Use simple templates to create new monsters like zombie sea serpents and merfolk alchemists. Overwhelm opposition with stat blocks representing hordes of guards, skeletons, or demons.

More detailed than ever: 

Along with each monster’s game statistics, you’ll find monster behavior and adventure hooks, treasure, monster names, and more. The Monstrous Menagerie includes guidelines for designing challenging encounters and even building new monsters from scratch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love it

I am a new player and dm, and I love this monster book as a drop in replacement for Monster manual! I dont really know much about the lore and this just gives me so much more to work with and have as a resource when wanted. I hope they expand into creating pawns like pathfinder and kobold press have made. Such a great way to get minis that would match the art in the book.


I was happily surprised by this book - definitely seems better than Trials & Treasures. It seems quite user-friendly in terms of the creature templates, but the monster signs (clues as to what creatures are nearby), the behaviours tables, and the creature environments seems like a really nice touch. I also like that they've made the vast majority of creatures more dynamic in fight situations - like characterful little bonus actions and reactions. Added bonus that cats can now land on their feet and see in the dark!

It's not quite a return to form of redbox D&D in terms of monster ecology, and I could also have done with more in-depth descriptions of the various beasties in the text.

Richard Green
Fantastic book

I absolutely love this book. Every monster from the Monster Manual, but every monster hugely improved with abilities laid out in a way that makes it very table friendly for a DM. Thank you. Loving Level Up: Advanced 5E

Can’t wait for the book to come in! I never got my pdf though so

I can’t wait for the book to come in. I loved this so much I didn’t even bother buying the original monster manual. Like I said in the title, I never got the pdf and need help with that

Ronald McCarrick
Great Stuff

A very useful and nicely put together book.