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Level Up: A5E Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2022

Level Up: A5E Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2022

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This 220-page hardcover book is crammed full of new material for your Level Up: 5th Edition games! Between these covers you will find:

  • 33 archetypes (subclasses) such as the seafaring scourge, the stormwalker, and the bladeseer.
  • 6 backgrounds like the convict or the fey servant.
  • The complete Artificer character class with the bombardier, machinist, and stitcher archetypes. 
  • 2 new combat traditions, Beast Unity and Arcane Knight, stocked full of combat maneuvers.
  • 8 new cultures like the fey court, blood pack, and avian sky-seeker Simerengo.
  • 6 new destinies such as death, fire, and light.
  • 12 new exploration challenges including festering sewer tunnels, sucking bogs, and the unique Elsenian Span.
  • 46 new feats enabling you to embrace your inner werewolf, master the shield, or stand out in the city.
  • 7 new heritages, including the constructed, the spiderfolk, and the dreamborn.
  • 42 new magic items, from the defensive umbrella to the fan of whispering and the shackle of the ghostheart covenant.
  • 25 new monsters such as blood maggots, poltergeists, and the mysterious fateholder.
  • 11 new mundane items from spring-heeled boots to sword canes.
  • 14 new spells for a range of classes!

This material was all published in Gate Pass Gazette Issues 0-10 throughout 2022, and is being presented here for the first time as a brand new hardcover compilation.

This book is printed on demand to order.

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Customer Reviews

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nice, but hopelessly disorganised

I'd *really* hoped that the book would not just gather then individual gazette volumes one after another, but would organize them into some useful form. It doesn't. Oh well. That makes it much harder to use as a reference volume alongside the 3 core books.
It doesn't read coherently from cover to cover, and finding content is only possible via the Contents pages back at the start.

Individual sections: full heritages like Constructed and classes like the Artificer, I would prefer to get in a core "Adventurer's Guide 2"...
Monsters were a bit uninspired - I prefer setting-related ones, not random entries like a multi-page Jabberwock that never would be used.

Archetypes essays were interesting - minor extensions to classes, with some thought behind them. Lone Ranger and Battlefield Horrors scale in nicely at the lower levels. Playing Against Type is another good essay.
But it still reads like what it is - a collection of magazines, not a book.