ZEITGEIST Returns with Ryan Nock's 'Death of the Author' for D&D 5E

ZEITGEIST Returns with Ryan Nock's 'Death of the Author' for D&D 5E

Fans of the ZEITGEIST campaign setting, and its critically-acclaimed D&D adventure path, The Gears of Revolution, will be pleased to hear that ZEITGEIST creator Ryan Nock has returned to the setting with a brand new adventure called Death of the Author. Fully compatible with core 5E, it's also the first EN Publishing adventure to contain a small glimpse of the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition rules.

Coming next week on Kickstarter!

A clandestine sale of military secrets draws your party to a gathering at a remote manor in the Malice Lands, where the thief and their buyer aren’t the only guests with a hidden agenda.

Among the several foreign travelers are a scholar plumbing the manor’s vile history, a too-friendly preacher, two veterans who fought on opposite sides of the last war, and a prophet who foretells a greater war yet to come. But their host is a famous author who has seemingly chosen to surround himself with people who might want him dead.

When a storm rolls in, the tale of the murderous evening will be penned in blood - blood that may well be your own, unless you can figure out whom among the guests you can trust, who is the thief, and who is the killer.

A diverse cast of NPCs, including assassins, priests, bodyguards, painters, scientists, gunslingers, butlers, and more! Who can you trust? Which among them could be the killer?

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