ZEITGEIST Returns, Plus Mephits & Shakespearian Figures

ZEITGEIST Returns, Plus Mephits & Shakespearian Figures

Our weekly news roundup here at EN Publishing includes a return to our critically-acclaimed ZEITGEIST world with a new adventure, along with the usual D&D and WOIN updates.

And don't forget, our big Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Kickstarter is only about 10 weeks away now. It's getting close!

ZEITGEIST: Death of the Author

Death of the Author is a gorgeous 65-page softcover standalone adventure for 3rd level D&D 5th Edition characters, set on a remote island full of murder and mystery. This quickstarter for a brand new 5E adventure is here for 2 weeks only!

On Our Podcast

This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by James Berry to talk about Cursed Captains of Cthulhu. In the news, details about the new Dungeons & Dragons books including the leak of the new October release, Doctor Who Second Edition details revealed, Avatar The Last Airbender RPG Quickstart released, and more! Plus Our Favourite Game in All the World and a brand new sketch about the trouble finding a well-reviewed dungeon. Listen to the episode here!

A Mephit Network on EN5ider

This week, our D&D magazine EN5ider wants your metropolis to be as engaging and magical as possible so today we've got some mephits to add to the urban sprawl!

Bring an elemental flair to the next metropolis the adventurers visit with mephit networks! Within this article are a quartet of mephit variants and the new spark mephit (CR 1/2), all with their own unique tasks and roles to play in city life. Doing some investigating at the graveyard? Call upon the grave mephits! Trying to trade local secrets? Bend the ear of a soot mephit or two. Disquiet designs by William Fischer, illustrated by Junior's Digital Designs.


Mythological Figures: Caliban (WOIN)

And over on EONS, our WOIN magazine, Caliban takes his seat by the fireplace.

"Be collected. No more amazement..."

New In Our Store

Some of the latest WOIN additions to our store include Monstrous Careers, Arcane Apparel, Spell Paths, and Mooks & Bosses.

And for D&D 5E we have a dangerous scenario called Tricksy Riddles Three, new enchanted trinkets, the first part of the To Stake A Vampire trilogy, and the softcover book Into the Feywild!

See all the new stuff here!

That's it for EN Publishing's news this week, folks! 


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