Worlds of Adventure

Worlds of Adventure

Branching Timelines

Long before Loki was swept up into a multiverse of adventure along branching timelines with the TVA, EN Publishing introduced a comprehensive set of books that enabled GMs to create adventures in any setting and time frame imaginable. As our in-house system, What's Old Is New has been a feature of our catalogue for a good while now. Better yet, it the system continues to be supported by regular fresh new content over on our EONS Patreon page. Looking for fresh new creatures or plug-and-play adventures to challenge your players with? EONs has you covered!

As we've mentioned in previous blogs, the W.O.I.N. ruleset further diversifies itself into O.L.D., N.E.W. and N.O.W., which cater to fantasy, modern and futuristic settings respectively. Rather than cater to one single branch of W.O.I.N., EONs offers regular installments to support all three. What's more, each feature introduces even more variety as they introduce new creatures, species, careers, one-shot adventures and even entire story arcs. Don't believe us?Let's take a look at some of the recent offerings below!

First up, we have the Mummy Archon, which followed hot on the heels of their more standard Mummy underlings. Think back to a certain late 90s/early Noughties movie franchise and you'll be in the right area for the power set of these mighty undead princes and princesses of ancient and powerful empires. These deadly additions to the O.L.D. bestiary are mighty enough to have their own story arcs built around them.

For our recent N.O.W. offering, it's time to look at something a little different. In addition to new creatures, species, and adventures, our EONs also seeks to provide alternative mechanics and insightful explorations of different aspects of W.O.I.N. Most recently, this included a well-rounded article providing interesting options for mashing two or more of the W.O.I.N. time frames together. We promised you options and this pdf certainly lives up to that pledge.

It's time to grab your pulse rifle and check your motion sensors for our visit to N.E.W., as a recent adventure published on EONs revisited the setting introduced in the Fall of Somerset Landing campaign book. The first part of a continuing serial, Dangerous Cargo thrusts the PCs into the depths of a seemingly abandoned starship where they soon begin to be stalked by a deadly xenomorph.

Remember, these pdfs are a small snapshot of the content produced each month. There is absolutely something for everyone over at our EONs Patreon and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee no less. But the benefits don't just end there! If you do decide to join us on our regular adventures through the timelines, you'll also gain access to the entire back catalogue of previously published material. As we're currently on our 245th installment, that's a full 245 pdfs no less! Become a patron now, worlds of adventure await!

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