Awfully Cheerful Engine

The time for video content is nigh!

Hi there everyone! I’m Sara Elsam, the new EN Publishing community manager. I’ll be working on expanding our community via social media, as well as starting off a raft of new video content we have planned. 

First things first, we’re getting together a wonderful RPG Demo Dream Team, who will be showcasing our latest RPGs on both our upcoming video channels and Kickstarters. A team of experienced and diverse streamers, we’re looking forward to testing out the upcoming Awfully Cheerful Engine with them over the next few months. 

A game of action comedy, expect plenty of dice-based mayhem and madcap improv stylings. We’ve even heard a curious rumour that EN Publishing founder Russ will be taking on the mantle of Director. Watch this space folks.

We’ll also be experimenting with regular video programming, such as monthly news updates, interviews and previews. Not only are we looking to broadcast EN Publishing’s titles to the world, but also to discuss prevailing trends and topics of interest within tabletop RPGs as a whole.

Expect unique design and play insights from our wonderful team, while also watching us get our chat on and have some fun with a range of special guests. There will be plentiful updates on our regular work, and even chances to get your questions answered on the air. 

Additionally, we’ll be looking to make some of our existing titles more accessible with introductory videos and rule explainers. Overall, we want to connect with you folks in new and interesting ways.

We’re really looking forward to navigating the new worlds of video content and making our mark in that space. It’s a brave new venture for us and honestly, we’re just tremendously excited about it all.

Right now, we’re getting all the gubbins of our videos sorted out, from graphics, to scripts and social media strategies. There’s a lot to do, but we can’t wait to show it all to you soon.

If you didn’t catch the earlier introduction, here’s a little bit about me. I’ve been working as a games journalist since 2017. Inspired by the wonder of Dungeons & Dragons, I moved into covering the wild and weird world of tabletop games in 2018. 

Since then, I’ve talked socialist monopoly on the BBC, streamed chaotic games at Dicebreaker and discussed cursed dungeons at a multitude of tabletop conventions. I’m also a regular contributor to Tabletop Gaming, Senet and Wyrd Science. In conclusion, I freakin’ love tabletop RPGs, video mayhem and connecting with folks over imaginary worlds. 

Make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels, especially our Twitter, for all the latest video content. Lovely to e-meet you all and catch you on the other side of a camera lens soon!

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