The Spartan Gambit Now Available!

The Spartan Gambit Now Available!

Now available in the store is the PDF of SolSpace: The Spartan Gambit, a sourcebook and adventure for sci-fi WOIN games.


When a landing party returns to the USF Copernicus, they find that it has been taken over by a Spartan terrorist group. Can they retake the ship before the Spartans break into the main bridge?

Welcome to The Spartan Gambit, a science fiction adventure sourcebook set in SolSpace, which covers a region some 500 parsecs across, centered on our own system, Sol. The year is 2486.

This full-color softcover book contains:

// An introduction to the SolSpace setting
// Rules for creating a Union Space Force officer
// The full adventure, The Spartan Gambit
// Four pre-generated characters
// Maps of every deck of the huge USF Copernicus

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