The Level Up Starter Box

The Level Up Starter Box


If you've been curious about Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition, but three big hardcovers was too much of a plunge--you're in luck! Because our brand new Starter Box is coming very soon to Kickstarter!

This boxed set contains everything you need to upgrade your 5E game to Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition! If you already know how to play 5E, and have the 5E core rules, you can use this starter box to start playing Level Up right away.

Inside the box you'll find:

  • A 66-page rulebook which 'upgrades' your game from 5E to Level Up: Advanced 5E.

  • A three-part adventure path which introduces the new rules to you as you go.

  • 5 pre-generated characters which show off the new options available in Level Up!

  • 91 cardboard tokens for heroes, villains, and monsters.

  • 5 poster maps.

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Puzzles for Your 5E Game

Whilst you are waiting for the starter box, you can challenge your players with puzzles you can introduce to your existing 5E campaigns.

This 28 page softcover book contains guidance on creating your own puzzles, three puzzle encounters to drop in your games, plus an adventure riddled with... well riddles!

  • Advice on how to create organic, fun puzzles which don't interrupt your game
  • A puzzle using pictographic language to place plot hooks or treasure 
  • A puzzle to encourage players to share secrets and deep truths to solve it
  • A puzzle offering a menu of oddities to be consumed
  • An encounter for adventurers of 5th - 9th level with the Riddlers of Cragtooth Pass

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