The Galaxy's Finest

The Galaxy's Finest

So, You Want to be a Stront?

The first of our blog posts concerning the 2000 AD-verse gave a very brief insight into the Strontium Dog universe - the setting which is the backdrop for Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer, the Gronk and co. But how can the players go about exploring this strange galaxy?

Although there options to play as civilians and criminals - the latter of which allows the players to have fun as outlaws on the run from the Search/Destroy Agency - plenty of material in the book caters for games based around the galaxy's finest bounty hunters: the Strontium Dogs.

As some of the toughest law enforcers in the galaxy who often find themselves up against the worst criminals on offer, S/D Agents need an edge to keep them alive. Just like the Judges from Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, this is where their career path comes in.

Every agent has an origin, and perhaps even a career or two that kept them busy before they joined the S/D Agency, but they also had something take place in their past that set them on the road to signing up as an S/D Agent. Currently, they were either born to it, have a score to settle, or were mentored by an older dog.

Having picked up their blaster and made their way to the orbiting station known as the Doghouse, characters sign on as a Rookie Agent. From there, they can specialize in time capers, dimensional jaunts, or stay grounded as a more traditional agent before joining the vaunted ranks of the Veteran Agents. We'll be back for a deeper look at some of those in the next blog!

After a long and varied jaunt across the galaxy, the Strontium Dog pdf is weeks away from a final manuscript, so keep your cartridges handy. Rogue Trooper is also now fully edited and ready for layout, so we expect to be entering the poisoned battlefields of Nu-Earth not long after. Plus, The Day the Law Died manuscripts for Judge Dredd are almost fully complete and ready for editing.

This year is proving to be the most exciting yet for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD!

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