Rounding Up the Suspects

Rounding Up the Suspects


We've been producing content for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD for a while now here at EN Publishing. While we've kept you updated and informed on future content with our insightful posts, it's definitely worth taking a moment to reflect on the material that has already been published. Dust off your tourist guides, as its time to retread the streets of Mega-City One, swagger through the corridors of the Doghouse, and sprint across the battlefields of Nu Earth.

Judge Dredd

The core rulebook for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is the binding force that powers all of the other supplements, which makes it an invaluable addition to your table. To support the main rulebook, we have also been exploring the main story lines as they took place in the comic strip. To date, we have delved into the Robot Wars, Luna-1, Cursed Earth and The Day the Law Died. Which is a whole lot of content for GMs and players to enjoy. More than just a campaign book, however, each supplement provides character options for that point in Judge Dredd's timeline, plus information on the setting and time period. With Judge Child due to be published soon and Apocalypse War in the works, there is also plenty of content to provide further adventures.

If you are lacking for something to hold your Judges' attention during any particular week, we have also produced a number of standalone Case Files that can readily dropped into any game and time period. Stay tuned for more news on this front very soon!

Strontium Dog

The Strontium Dog sourcebook offers a law enforcement experience of a totally different kind as the players take on the role of intergalactic mutant bounty hunters. Just like the Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog crossovers in the comics, this RPG is fully compatible with the core sourcebook. In fact, you'll need a copy of the base rules to draw on the system behind the game, though everything else the GMs and players need is contained within the Strontium Dog sourcebook. Thanks to the time-travelling and dimension-hopping gadgets that the Search/Destory Agency can provide to their agents, it's entirely possible that your Dogs could have their own run-ins with the Law or other alien entities such as Judge Death. The possibilities offered by this setting are endless.

Just like Judge Dredd, we have also been regularly producing Bounty Contracts that you can drop into your own games. These short adventures are ready-made to provide engaging action for your agents!

Rogue Trooper

Last for the moment but by no means least, we have a sourcebook that explores the setting for everyone's favourite blue-skinned Genetic Infantryman: Rogue Trooper. Like the Strontium Dog sourcebook, this one requires the core mechanics from Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD but is otherwise a self-contained book in terms of character creation, NPCs and setting info. This sourcebook is packed with plenty of options and extras too, including character options on both the Nort and Souther side of the war to campaign advice and scenarios for games set away from the poisoned battlefields of Nu Earth.

As with our other two main settings, we are also now producing supplementary material for Rogue Trooper in the form of short adventures, or Battle Reports. Again, more on this front very soon!

It's worth noting that you can gain early access to the short adventures we produce over at our Patreon page, where you'll also net yourself a discount on the cover price. It's easy to become a patron and you only need to purchase the one particle article that you are interested in each month.

That's it for now. With so much available, we think you'll agree it was well worth the round up. Join us next week as we start to look ahead at more future content!

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