Level up your 5th Ed D&D Game

Level up your 5th Ed D&D Game

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to my first blog post! I’m Jessica, and I’ve been a Publishing Administrator with EN Publishing for just over a year now. You may have seen me at events or had an email from me about your online order or pledge on Kickstarter. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been filling my time playing a lot of online RPGs during lockdown. Whilst of course W.O.I.N is my favourite ;), I also play a range of other games with different systems. Dungeons & Dragons is a popular system I’m sure you’re familiar with, and I’m in a 5th Edition Campaign with my friends that has been running for around 2 years now.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been updating the EN Publishing shop with some new products – specifically supplements to level up your 5th Edition games. My current D&D character is a sentient plant, and I’m always on the look out for different races to play beyond the classics that D&D provides. We have a range of adventures, selection of new classes, races, magical items, villains – the list goes on! All of the items I’ve uploaded the last week have been less than a fiver – so it’s a great way to update your game without breaking the bank. 

Updating all of our products has been pretty fun as it’s given me a chance to go through the archives from before I joined the company, and see all the D&D supplements we have. I particularly like the look of The Sentient Illusions – so if anyone has space in a game, let me know!

All of our 5th Edition content can be found on our website if you go to games and select  ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ in the drop down menu. I’ll be adding more over the next month, so keep an eye out. Like many small businesses in the UK, we’d love your support if you’re able. 

Stay safe, stay indoors and play RPGs. Jessica

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