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Looking for a Roll20 Developer

EN Publishing is looking for an in-house Roll20 developer to work with us on a freelance basis to bring our games to the virtual tabletop. We'll be starting with the Awfully Cheerful Engine!, and moving on to Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition later in the year.

If you have experience in creating Roll20 compendiums and character sheets, you might be the person we're looking for! 

  • Awfully Cheerful Engine! is a comparatively small project. A short 30-page rulebook, four short 30-page adventures, and a character sheet the size of a credit card with only a handful of stats on it. We anticipate that a single person can manage this project.
  • Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition is a much bigger project, on the scale of D&D or Pathfinder. We anticipate that multiple freelancers will be needed to manage this project.

Please contact us by email at if you are interested in being involved with either or both projects, along with a quote for your hourly pay for the work and a sample of previous work on Roll20 materials.