Level Up Plans for 2023

Level Up Plans for 2023

We thought it was a good time to update you on our plans for Level Up in 2023. There are some changes from previous timelines and some new additions. Here’s our current timeline! As always, these dates are subject to the whims and vagueries of the world and are subject to change.

  • Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2022. This is currently being fulfilled to Kickstarter backers and will be available for purchase in April.

  • To Save A Kingdom. This adventure path is currently in layout and is slated for an April Kickstarter.

  • Level Up Starter Set. This is a boxed ‘upgrade kit’ from O5E, and its name may change. It includes a 32-page rulebook, an adventure, tokens, maps, and pregenerated characters. This will be coming to Kickstarter in July.

  • Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2023. This will hit Kickstarter in January 2024.

  • Voidrunner’s Codex. This has slipped a bit in the schedule, but is currently planned for a February 2024 Kickstarter.

There are some other Level Up books we have planned which do not yet have dates assigned to them.

  • Planestrider’s Journal. This hardcover book contains a variety of planes, plus character options and details on planar webships. This book compiles and expands on Mike Myler’s current EN World column. We hope to bring this to you in 2023, but no promises!

  • Monstrous Menagierie 2. We have not started work on this, but Paul Hughes is on board to bring us the sequel to the popular Monstrous Menagerie sometime in 2024.

  • Regional Sourcebook. Another book which we have not started work on, this will be a medieval Japan-inspired sourcebook. For this one we will need to recruit the right team, so if you are of Japanese descent and are familiar with A5E, keep an eye out!

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