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Level Up A5E Starter Box - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (A5E) launched in 2021 with a highly successful Kickstarter. It's a standalone, backwards-compatible expression of the 5E rules you already know, but with more depth, flexibility, and diversity, fully open licensing, and a robust creator community.
Since then, the line has grown and includes a range of hardcover rulebooks, adventures, and more! Level Up is fully backwards-compatible with the 5E game you already know and love. You can play existing 5E adventures in Level Up without having to convert them.
This Kickstarter is for a boxed starter set which takes your 5E core rulebooks and 'upgrades' them by introducing you to some of the new rules in Level Up. Unlike the standalone Level Up hardcover core rules, this starter set assumes you know how to play 5E, or have the 5E rules, and we just show you the new stuff!

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