Let's Look At 2024's Schedule!

Let's Look At 2024's Schedule!

It's a new year, and we have tons of stuff planned! Let's take a quick look at EN Publishing's slate for 2024. We were hard at work throughout 2023 developing projects which we're really excited to bring to you this year. As always, of course, this schedule is subject to change, but here's the current plan!

Quarter 1

Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2023

Like last year, this hardcover book compiles all of the year's Gate Pass Gazette issues.  The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition and contains new rules content for your game.

Planestrider's Journal

An essential guide to the planes and planar travel, this hardcover contains details on over 30 wondrous new planes, rules for webships and planar travel, a dizzying array of player options, and an interplanar adventure!

Quarter 2

Voidrunner's Codex

Take your 5E and A5E games into space with this science-fiction set. This set contains three books. The Voidrunner's Codex contains rules for spacefaring characters including new heritages, classes, equipment, and more.  The Star Captain's Manual is all about starships, starship combat, and space travel. And Escape from Death Planet is an introductory adventure for 3rd level characters.

Quarter 3

Split the Hoard

Our first board game--or, in this case, a card game. In this game, you are heroes who have just slain a dragon, and now you have to divide the loot between you. A game of negotiation and cunning, who can collect the most treasure before the dragon's minions arrive?

Quarter 4

Monstrous Menagerie II

Need we say more? You've been calling for a sequel to Monstrous Menagerie since it came out--and here it is! This book contains a slew of new monsters for your game, all with the same comprehensive treatment of the first book. We also introduce Heroic Monsters--monsters with capacity for advancement, whether they be loyal companions for worthy adversaries. Yes, your wolf pet can gain levels as you do! But so can that pesky kobold you keep running into...


As always we have a bunch of softcover 5E quickstarters sprinkled throughout the year. A Night in the Library is a bookish collection; Secrets of the Grave does what it says on the tin; plus we have a book for tinkerers and inventors, and a collection of high level adventures in store. These quickstarters are always short standalone Kickstarter campaigns for a single softcover book.

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