Kickstarter, Sales and Discount Bundles!

Kickstarter, Sales and Discount Bundles!

Keep Your Powder Dry: Firearms for 5E Fantasy Campaigns

Bring gunpowder to your 5E roleplaying games with mundane and fantastical firearms inspired from the late medieval period through to the industrial era in this 33 page softcover book. 

  • Nearly 40 firearms and guidance on introducing them to your fantasy worlds.
  • Rules on how to customize your firearms to suit your character's combat style.
  • New magic items which appear along with firearms.
  • New feats for gunslingers: 'Greased Lightning' for characters exceptionally fast with multi-shot firearms, and 'Mounted Musketeer' which turns characters into a fearsome horseback combatant.
  • A bonus appendix including the full alchemist character class.


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